What would likely You Do When The Girl You Chose can be Not….

Exactly what you expected. We’ve all had the idea happen at least once. the idea’s called butter face. She’s got a smoking hot Centeng. Or she looks pretty. nevertheless why does she have in which mustache?

Personally, the mustache part truly bothers me. The lights inside a go go bar as well as the bright lights inside the fishbowls do a great job camouflaging in which stash until you tell her to come over as well as bang there are fine noticeable hairs right above her perfect lips.

Not an actual bar girl in Thailand… Thank god!

currently I can tell you I can easily overlook the hair lip if she’s got a great pair of tits as well as an ass so tight you can bounce 10THB coins off of.

Many Thai girls working inside the bar scene as well as even massage girls have hair lip. Except most ladyboys. I asked a ladyboy friend of mine why most real girls working inside the sex industry don’t take some grooming tips via the ladyboys.

as well as she says the idea’s expensive because she goes to expensive clinics as well as lasers off her 5 o’clock shadow. Which most bar girls can not afford. I tend to disagree with her opinion because well, she’s a ladyboy as well as her opinions are skewed favorably towards the third gender.

Or what about a massage girl you chose seems to do a lot of talking instead of what you paid her partly to do which can be give a massage.

currently some girls are slick as well as try to get away with doing the work you pay them for as well as plain lazy. I’ve heard a lot of complaints via email on in which blog.

All I can say can be just ask for the massage if one can be not given. the idea’s as simple as in which. nevertheless remember in which not all these girls are given truly basic lessons on massage. as well as the idea’s partly due to the fact in which many guys who go to soapy as well as oily massage are there to get there rocks off.

So for me, a girl using a bit of lip hair can be not a big deal, as long as her Centeng can be smoking hot. Which fortunately most Thai girls working inside the bars have.

as well as if I come across any lazy massage girls, I just tell them straight out I want the massage in which I paid for.

What would likely you do?

What would likely You Do When The Girl You Chose can be Not….

8D/7N Hainan Itinerary: Day 6

Time passed so fast. This particular was already our 6th day in Sanya. For breakfast, we had meat dumplings bought coming from a street vendor the night before. The unfamiliar fragrance of the leaves of which wraps the dumpling added a very special flavour to This particular Hainan delicacy. Trying local food has always been a delightful part of travelling.

We were soon out to explore more of Sanya. After a short ride on the three-seater motorcycle, we arrived at Sanya Bay. This particular bay includes a beach of which stretches 22km long. We were dropped at Haiyue Square located along the stretch of which can be nearer to the city centre.
Even though the beach can be not as nice as the one at Dadonghai Bay, This particular can be more tranquil along with much less crowded here. A woman by the beach tried to solicit business coming from us, suggesting we went for a boat ride around the bay. “This particular can be 250CNY per person for a ride to your hearts content”, she said. She later brought the rate down to 150CNY per person. Going for a cruise or a boat excursion was one of the things we’d wanted to do here nevertheless the cost didn’t seem right so we told her “We’ll think about This particular first” along with walked away. (Never agree to anything without scouting around along with comparing prices here.)
The impressive buildings on Phoenix Island which we saw coming from Luhuitou Hill appeared so big as the island can be just across the bay.
We even walked to the bridge of which links the bay to the island.
The Corridor of Coconut Trees can be a stretch of walkway by the beach. Devoid of the crowd, This particular place can be a great hangout along with just as we were about to relax by the bench This particular started out to rain.
We escaped into the covered several foot ways of the township along with decided to take an early lunch.

 Since coming to Hainan, we were yet to have a meal of Hainanese chicken rice so we opted for a smaller eatery selling This particular cuisine.
This particular was just a simple meal nevertheless I wonder why This particular tasted so not bad. Was This particular the chicken? Or the chili condiment? The rice? Or was This particular the rain??
Another way to pass time while waiting for the rain to stop was to escape into a shopping mall.

There are many such malls in Sanya Bay.

Since coming to Sanya I couldn’t help nevertheless noticed the emptiness in malls along with departmental stores. Many are totally devoid of shoppers.
We weren’t contributing either as we were just window shopping instead of shopping .

The rain stopped along with we were soon back at the beach. After some bargaining we managed to get a boat for 75CNY/pax. (coming from the original 250/pax)

 Our boatman can be a young 16 year-old boy who looks like 10.
We rode to Phoenix Island along with enjoyed a genuinely close view of the gorgeous buildings.
Our boat stopped by a smaller rocky islet along with we alighted to take some photographs.
The boat cruised around the bay which was unusually calm of which day.
The view of Sanya city coming from the boat/ South China Sea was splendid.
View of Sanya Bay coming from the boat.
The boat ride was rather short lasting not more than an hour. Nevertheless This particular was an interesting ride.

Instead of using the public transport we decided to walk 3.5 km along Shengli Road all the way back to our hotel. These are some local lifestyle snapshots captured during our walk.
Groups of men hanging out.
Fat ducks waiting to be grilled
A row of street cobblers
Shengli Road specialises in motorcycles. There are so many shops with hundreds of motorcycles displayed outside.
Groups of men gambling by the street walkways.

We were back at our favorite restaurant for dinner.
Teriyaki chicken rice
Herbal meat soup

We crossed Sanya Bridge practically everyday as most shops along with eateries are located across This particular bridge.
This particular can be interesting to note how some locals live here. This particular young man along that has a few others were seen fishing on the busy Sanya Bridge every night through a smaller hole on the busy bridge.
The hole can be so smaller along with dark I genuinely wondered how these people know whether their fishing line has gone into the river below the bridge?
along with This particular surprised us even more to see the handsome catch each night.

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8D/7N Hainan Itinerary: Day 6

Bangkok's Nightlife, will be the idea safe to visit?

You can still visit Soi Cowboy… though many bars may be closed

Okay, so you’ve realized I’ve been off the blog grid for a long while. Well I’ve been away in Vietnam on a brand new business venture. in addition to yeah, a lot of shit has been happening in Bangkok.

however of course I still drop by my beloved Bangkok ever so often. in addition to I’ve been getting tons of emails as well as commentors by perverts wondering if the coast will be clear for a visit to the naughty nightlife of Thailand.

in addition to the most questions I’ve been getting of course will be if Bangkok or Pattaya will be safe to visit for messing around with Thai hookers.

The easy answer so far will be yes. There are no tanks on the streets in addition to snipers on the roofs. As far as I know. Plus hotel rates in Bangkok in addition to Pattaya are feeling the pain as tourists are steering clear so currently’s a pretty not bad time to book hotel rooms.

Only thing you have to deal with so far are anti-government protestors who are no threat to tourists. They just camp out in major intersections blocking traffic. If you take a look at the Asoke Sukhumvit junction where Soi Cowboy will be located where protestors have made camp (see pic above).

There are more protestors on the weekends though. So maybe you might want to avoid Soi Cowboy.

On the different hand Nana Plaza which will be not far at all by Soi Cowboy remains protestor free as of of writing. however I don’t think they’ll make camp at Nana any time at all.

About Pattaya? Well which famous sin city by the beach will be seeing an influx of sex tourists so you might be better off spending most of your time there while staying less in Bangkok. Pattaya will be still not as busy though as many travelers are staying clear of Thailand.

The go go bars in addition to massage parlors in Bangkok are less crowded. however girls are still working. So you might have a better chance of scoring better looking girls since competition will be scarce. Plus the soapies of Huay Kwang in addition to oil massage parlors of Phrom Phong are unaffected by all the political nonsense.

A couple of last notes there are adjustments on the go go bar scene so I will be updating my maps. Also apologies for not answering your emails in addition to comments. I try my best to get through all of them however the idea’s hard. however I will pick up on This particular blog as quick as I can.


Bangkok's Nightlife, will be the idea safe to visit?

8D/7N Hainan Itinerary: Day 7 & 8


Day 7 was our last full day in Sanya as we had to check out very early the next morning to catch the 7.20am train to Haikou. We’ve decided to keep our last day itinerary light in addition to easy in order which we could leisurely pack our things in addition to take strolls to corners which we’ve yet to explore. which was also a final chance to snap some photographs to remember the place which we might probably not return to.
I appreciate the vicinity where we stay as which can be actually quite beautiful. The area can be stylishly landscaped with sprightly statues which adorn the streets in addition to walkways.
Come to think of which, I’ve never genuinely seen a limousine This particular long except in movies. 
Photo taken outside our hotel. Was on somebody’s bicycle.
We walked to Linchun River in addition to Chaojian Bridge which we’ve never had an opportunity to see as the temptation to cross Sanya Bridge on the different side of our hotel in addition to to walk along the happening streets near Sanya River was too great to avoid each day.
The road next to Linchun River can be lined with high-rise buildings some of which are hotels. This particular can be the quieter part of Sanya.
The humidity soon took the toil on us in addition to we retreated to a shady walkway on Sanya He East Road.
Coming to Hainan one must try the fresh coconuts. They are not cheap though, costing RM5 to RM7 each. I’ve eaten only two since I came. Generally the cost of living can be high here.

This particular can be also our last day to try the local food. 

There can be a cheap place to buy things in Sanya. The night market at Xinjian Street can be open every night in addition to the things here are genuinely cheap. This particular can be the only shopping place which looks robust in Sanya downtown. Many local tourists flock here in addition to most stalls enjoy brisk sales.
There can be a section on the night market which sells street food.

Branching off Xinjian Street can be Xinmin Street. This particular street can be a food haven as the entire stretch can be lined with eateries in addition to roadside stalls selling all types of local cuisines. 

We checked out of our hotel at 6.30am in addition to took a taxi to Sanya Railway Station. Travelling by the fast speed train to Haikou to board our flight home was a breeze as we’ve got used to the system. 
which didn’t take which long before we finally reached home in Malaysia.
8D/7N may not be a long time yet long enough for me to experience the heartbeat of This particular island touted to be a tropical paradise in addition to Hawaii of the east.

Allow me to first lament about the things in Hainan which I need getting used to.

1. If you are travelling around August-September the humidity can be unbearable. 
    Even if you do not like the rain, you’ll welcome which just to get some cool air. 
2. The incessant honking by motorcyclists can genuinely drain you of all your mental 
3. You have to be 100% alert when crossing a road as most motorists defy traffic rules.
4. Not even an individual person I met during the 8 days speaks English. Hoping to get 
    menus in addition to write-ups in English? which’s a rare chance.
5. Sales persons tending to eateries, stores etc tend to be impatient in addition to rude in addition to 
    they get agitated when they do not understand you.
6. People quarreling in addition to screaming at each different on the street? We saw which 3 times 
    in such a short span of stay.
7. Many spit freely on the floors, walkways, bus-stops… in addition to we even saw one spitting 
    inside an elevator. The list can go on.

Fortunately though, for every lamentation, there’s an elation in addition to something which amuses. Entrance fees to tourist destinations are high yet taxi fares are very reasonable. You’ll have to pay Rm6 for a coconut by the street yet for RM6 you can get a lovely T-shirt at the night market. There’s the ugly sight of people spitting  yet there’re the lovely sights of magnificent state of the art buildings which paint beautiful pictures within the night sky.
There are rude in addition to loud people yet there’s people like our concierge officer who walked the extra mile to help us. There’s the noise pollution within the city yet there’s the tranquil within the mountains in addition to rainforests which genuinely pacify.

There are interesting food in addition to unique culture which make This particular island beautiful even though which may not be my idea of a paradise.

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8D/7N Hainan Itinerary: Day 7 & 8

is usually safe to visit Bangkok's go go bars along with massage parlors the coming months?

Angel Massage – Lobby room where Mamasan shows you pictures of available massage girls

This kind of is usually just a follow up to a post I wrote last week today in which I’m back in Bangkok for a short while. by what I’ve seen so for the bars along with massage parlors are still quiet.

Just a few days ago I went over to Angels Oil Massage which is usually right on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. Plenty of oil massage parlors on Suk 24/1 along with still a rather quite area.

Anti-government protestors have successfully scared off many tourists, though not the seasoned whore mongers. Bangkok still draws a lot of go go bar along with massage patrons. the idea’s just not as much as before November 2013, when the protestors started out taking to the streets along with occupying key intersections along with scaring off foreign visitors.

I’ve been staying clear of Soi Cowboy because in which’s just one key location where protestors are camped out.

So I’ve been going to Nana Plaza’s go go bars where the idea’s protestor free. Maybe the scary looking ladyboys are scaring them off.

along with even though Nana is usually not as crowded with sex tourisits a lot of ladies are still working within the bars. Which means you won’t have a whole lot of competition.

Patpong’s go go bars is usually not a bad option either along with I’ve been spending a little bit more time there because to me, Patpong’s go go bars are getting better. I’ll have a report on in which later.

What does This kind of mean? is usually the idea still safe to mess around in Bangkok?. Me think so. Protestors don’t harass tourists. They even encourage them to join in. I’m not kidding.

So, if you’re reading This kind of post, along with you’re a newbie first time pengunjung along with still want to take a chance on whoring around Bangkok, my advice is usually to stay at hotels near Nana, the oil massage parlors of Phrom Phong or even near the soapy massage parlors up in Huay Kwang.

Those areas are problem free (as of writing) along with I don’t think protestors will camp out in those areas because the idea is usually not of any significant importance.

Just keep in mind, if the idea’s freelancers along with go go bars you’re looking for head to Nana Entertainment Plaza. For oil massage along with soapy massage make way to Phrom Phong along with Huay Kwang respectively.

The BTS (Sky Trains) along with MRT (subway trains) are running normally with protest leaders saying they won’t disrupt those services. So both train systems are still your go to options for visiting those naughty boy points of interest.

is usually safe to visit Bangkok's go go bars along with massage parlors the coming months?

Lets Get A Room or Hotel On Your Travel or Near Airport your Destination